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Leadership and Social Projections



Roberto Martell - Mayor at Town of Medley. Everyday I faithfully perform the duties of Mayor with the highest integrity and principle. I am privileged to give back by serving as a community leader on several panels such as, The Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization, TPO Fiscal Priorities Committee, TPO Executive Policy Committee, and the South Florida Regional Planning Council. 

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Mercy Saladrigas. During his legal career, he has litigated hundreds of cases and has been instrumental in hundreds of real estate transactions, including the construction of the Torre Camacol in Miami, a project that currently houses more than 100 seniors, as well as the Camacol office. With several years of experience. It has helped many individuals and companies go through financial difficulties, creating fiscally sound strategies that will help ensure their future success.

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Juan Carlos - Mayor at Town of Doral

"JC" Bermúdez is the founding mayor of the city of Doral. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the United States Conference of Mayors. Thanks to his vision and leadership, the city has received numerous national accolades, including Business Week's choice of Best City for Startup, named # 2 in America's Top 25 Cities