Community Development

Community development is a process where members of a community come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.

Our Vision is to develop "Community Projects" that support human dignity and the reward of fair and dignified work where small merchants and their services take a very important role at the business level, giving added value to their image. We work individually with each person to develop an innovative image in our social profile, promoting in social networks and mass media (Radio, Internet and Television). Also offer them the presence of their services with the professional introduction of their profile through our official FVE COMMUNITY blog.

In general, we work hard integrating human values ​​in public relations at the communicational, inter-institutional and commercial levels. To achieve expansion we have created a Global Movement of Social and Community Leaders. Through the subscription to the Community Foundations with Values ​​for Success, as a member we also join this movement and Socio-Cultural participation, promoting human relations and generating a positive impact. Bringing together people looking for opportunities to grow, helping them achieve personal benefits through participation and collective support in conferences and training inside and outside the United States.

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