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Is a Social and Corporate Institution for Integral Development. Its objective is to Recognize, Promote and Advise people in Human, Social, Business and Community Development. Part of the mission is dedicated to the recognition of people. Those with their own identity and through their companies and organizations, perform an extraordinary and continuous work for the benefit of social welfare. Among his vision; is a personal improvement in the Community. Our corporation is a movement formed by its distinguished members, recognized for their human talents, integrating entrepreneurs, organizations, and leaders. Who gather excellent services in interaction with the social attitude. We are pleased to be “the Voice that promotes Human Excellence” A slogan in which we identify the mission of this movement, which wishes to make publicly known to all people committed to Civic, Social and Humanitarian development, in the City of Miami Florida. Continuously promoting the Fundamentals and Human Values.


Alejandra Zavala De Fuentes



For Alejandra, the importance is in recognizing the values of people. While also, thanking every human being for their contribution in making a positive change in the community.  With her dedication she has achieved transforming other people to learn the ideals of values for not just their own success but to create an impact in the community. She created FVE  as a means of being able to to join the community to start not only helping those in need, but to help promote small independent organizations/businesses in the City of Miami FL. Her goal is to create unity within the multicultural city of Miami, and to teach everyone how to push each other to success with a solid base of morals.


“If you're worried about how soon life goes, just change your perception of seeing time. Learn to live in seconds and get rid of the hours. Remember the present, not just the past. Learn to yearn for him now, don't underestimate him for the future. ”


Alejandra Zavala De Fuentes Founder and CEO of The Community Fundamentals with Values for Success

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