Founders - Directors

Alejandra Fuentes

C.E.O. Promoter

Dennis Fuentes


Abner Fuentes

Business Manager

Danna Fuentes

Business Creativity

Founded by the Fuentes family



For the Fuentes Family, the importance is in recognizing the values ​​and developing service skills, expanding communication, and maintaining contact with the people of their community, advice that is the greatest experience to develop in all areas of life. At the same time, they express their gratitude to God, for the great value that it is for their home and their company to have it as the true center of each of the purposes for their lives, each human being has the same opportunity, the difference is in having that conviction and let it be that supernatural force that structures a path through which its contribution allows to achieve a positive change in society.

Fundamentals and Values.

With their dedication and knowledge, the Fuentes Family have joined forces by contributing the entire family nucleus from the smallest and head of the household to mutual collaboration with each other: They have created a first and large family business that allows them to develop and focus on two important foundations for a company: "Leadership and Service", a real challenge for every family and every individual.

Seeing the fruit of their work and contribution is the greatest reward for a company and the Fuentes family it is leaving their legacy. Thus, by focusing on the action of social responsibility, they have managed to transform other people in their way of thinking, acting, and projecting their skills, waiting for a model to follow, they have created, developed, shared, and disseminated enough content that has promoted the practice of the approach. of the ideals of service in the community and continue their work and trajectory fostering exemplary leadership with which they can exercise and project the values ​​of the human being, not only for their success but to create an impact at home, in the family, and the community that surrounds them.

Thus creating FVE COMMUNITY, Foundations with Values ​​for Success; a means of social action motivating model to follow and awaken the enthusiasm of influential people to join the community without limiting social levels supporting their vision of service. This model began in 2017, to begin not only to help those in need but also to contribute their knowledge and talents, help promote the work and performance of Spanish-speaking families, involve small and large businesses that need to get involved. at a community level through social and business action more widely and integrate them with people who seek to undertake and visualize opportunities, making cooperation and citizen participation continue to grow and integrate other leaders.

COMMUNITY FVE continues to promote the services offered by other organizations and also generating tools to help entrepreneurs and small independent businesses grow and contributing to the community work carried out by the authorities in the city of Miami FL. Its objective is to create unity within the multicultural community in Miami and connect other Spanish-speaking community movements from other countries through learning, culture, tourism, and business encounters through an identity that projects trust and motivates all its members. To cooperate on the daily learning how to push each other to success with a solid moral foundation. "Fundamentals and Values".




It is a Social and Business Institution for Integral Development. Its objective is to Recognize, Promote and Advise people in Human, Social, Business, and Community Development. Integrating through events of a socio-cultural and civic nature.


Part of the mission is dedicated to the recognition of people and their performance in the community. Those who, through their companies and organizations, carry out extraordinary and continuous work for the benefit of people's well-being, while offering exemplary service.


Our organization is a movement formed by a network of Spanish-speaking people, collaborators, and distinguished members. Through our Gratitude Mission, different social unions and prominent international personalities have been recognized for their talent and humanitarian contribution.

The greatest achievement achieved is bringing together all social levels joining a community with foundations and values, focusing on social action and the development of community enterprises.

FVE Community is a leading community that is continuously promoting development projects, interaction with social attitude. And the projection of the image, the work, and the services offered by its members.

We are pleased to be "The Voice that promotes Values ​​and Projects Excellence" A legacy in which we identify the mission of this movement, which wishes to publicize all people committed to Civic, Social, and Human Development in the City from Miami Florida in the USA.


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